When the auto-industry tanked it wasn’t just the assembly plants that felt the pain. A sewing company dependent on protective “clothing” orders for assembly line robots came up with their own bailout. It wasn’t a far stretch to diversify from manufacturing clothing for robots to people. Using the same automotive materials and motif’s a brand was born in the true Motor City fashion, through ingenuity and perseverance.









Seat-belts are installed as support handles in public transit vehicles referring to the physical attribute of the jeans. Coinciding OOH pieces within the vehicle deliver brand message.


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Everyone knows the name but few know their collection. We push the brand further by re-introducing the culinary components produced by Jack Daniel's. 





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Whats the only thing more American than Tennessee whiskey?


We host a cook-off in Memphis Tennessee, the BBQ capitol of the USA. At this event contestants battle head to head building Jack Daniel's inspired dishes. Spectators eat their fill, sample products, and are introduced to the brand in a new way.










We boost user engagement by creating the hashtag #YouDontKnowJack. This is launched on twitter with advice and anecdotes from Jack.



My time at Doner was not spent in solitude. One of the many people I had the pleasure of working with was an AD by the name of Abby Hunt. Together we took names and kicked ass on everything from from TV spots for JCPenney to the wild world of Smithfield Bacon.


(Check out her portfolio when you're done with mine.)




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My bearded platonic partner David Baum and I attempted to crash the Super Bowl. We tried to break through the noise of loud zany entries by creating a simple relatable situation interjected by Doritos. 


Alas, our idea died gracefully and we were left drinking beer and critiquing other peoples ads with the rest of you during the Big Game.







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I'm a writer, designer, and maker of things*. A proud Detroit resident and father to a giant rabbit named Cutsie Poopsie Foo Foo Bunny, aka Biggie, whom I love unapologetically. The following section is about myself and the things I do besides advertising. If you are interested in adding a Copywriter to your team my contact info is below and also lives on my resume.


(313) 205-3111


*Things: Include but are not limited to, Furniture, cocktails, lighting, construction, glasswork, pen and ink drawings, interior floor plans, get-rich-quick schemes, leaded glass, fabulous dinners, awful music, and not so good paintings.


In August of 2012 I became a demolition worker, electrician, general contractor, plumber, architect, and homeless (sort of). This is the story of two questionably sane young people moving into an abandoned building and putting everything they have into restoring it. It's come a long way since that day in August. We moved out of the crumbling room and no longer have to barricade the broken door. Now we're living upstairs in a complete apartment but there is still work to be done. There's nothing to hint that our bedroom door was once numbered Apt. 22.


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The furniture I fabricate is built with materials reclaimed from the dilapidated buildings of Detroit. Although hopeful and excited to see progress in Detroit, the acquisition and demolition of these structures comes as bitter sweet. Every building destroyed puts the materials for my art in a landfill.


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